LoreLaura Jimenez Alonso


is an analytically oriented clinical art therapist with over 20 years of experience. She is the founder and manager of first art therapy ateliers in Vienna elementary schools. She is a counselor and psychopedagogue (profession between psychology and pedagogy existing in Germany and Austria), a therapist in the work at the clayfield and a lecturer and supervisor at the Institut für Mal - und Gestaltungstherapie nach C.G.Jung (Erwin Bakowsky), the largest art therapy institute in Austria. Since 2007 she works in private praxis in Vienna, Austria where she works with individuals, pairs and groups. She has developped her own art therapeutical methods. From its foundation until 2007, she was a guest lecturer at the Art Therapy Department (visual art and music therapy) at the psychological University of Tallinn, Estonia and from 2008 until 2011 she was a lecturer at the pedagogical University of Kärnten and Burgenland (provinces of Austria). Since 2011 she holds an intensive week of training on the subject of crisis interventions for all pedagogical schools in Austria on the national level. National art therapy associations and the World Association for Social Psychiatry regularly invite her to international conferences (Brazil, Adler Institute Chicago, Madrid, Armenia, Greece, Korea, Israel). She has received many awards, among others the Otto-Glöckel medals, the highest acknowledgement for pedagogy in Austria, and the Ascona medals (Swiss) for art therapy. 

Website of Ms Alonso's workshops in Zagreb, Croatia (text in Croatian).

John Waterston body psihoterapeut
John Waterston

is a body psychotherapist with a private practice in Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom. He was trained in body psychotherapy at the Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy in London, recognized worldwide by the experts in this field. He acquired his master's degree in psychoanalytical studies at the University of Sheffield. His 20 years of experience thus encompass both humanistic and psychodynamic approaches to psychotherapy.  After working in different psychiatric institutions, he moved to private practice. Nowadays he mostly engages in individual and partner psychotherapy, teaching, coaching and supervision, and has been coming to Croatia professionally for last 15 years. He is particularly interested in the possibilities of applying the theory of psychotherapy in facilitating social changes in small communities. Knowing how connected physical and mental health are, in his free time he runs triathlons. 

Website of the open workshops held by Mr Waterston in Zagreb, Croatia (text in Croatian).


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